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Frozen 2: 5 Burning Questions I Have

Frozen 2

It’s November and Frozen 2 is releasing in theaters on the 22nd. (Insert fangirl scream. Haha!) I love Frozen and have been singing “Let It Go” just like everyone else since 2013, and now I am hoping Frozen 2 will give me another song to sing. Haha! After watching all of the teasers and trailers for Frozen 2 I am left with so many questions, but 5 really stand out to me. Here are my 5 most burning questions I hope are answered in Frozen 2!

Frozen 2

What is Kristoff’s Story?

To be honest, after the first movie we really don’t know much about Kristoff. So here is what we do know. Kristoff was an orphan who was found and raised by the Trolls. He works alongside his reindeer friend Sven as an iceman. He meets, helps, and falls in love with Anna and becomes Arendelle‚Äôs official Ice Master and Deliverer. So… Who are Kristoff’s parents? Why did he become an orphan? When/how did he meet Sven? I would love to learn more about Kristoff in Frozen 2.

What Happened to Anna/Elsa’s Parents?

I really think this is a question everyone would like answered. Haha! Why did they go on their trip? Were they looking for answers about Elsa’s powers? Are they really dead? We need to know! Haha!

Frozen 2

How Did Elsa Get Her Powers?

There are two way’s I feel Elsa could have gotten her powers. She could have been gifted them, or she was born with them. If she was born with them are they genetic? Did one of her parents have powers? Which kinda ties into the last 2 questions I have.

Are There Others Out There Like Elsa?

If Elsa was born with her powers that means there is a high probability there are others out there just like her. Again, if it’s a passed down trait could her mother or father have had powers? We know Elsa’s father was King of Arendelle, but where did her mother come from…? (See all questions lead to more questions! Haha!)

What is the Enchanted Forest

In the trailers for Frozen 2, we see Elsa is being called by something. It is calling her to the Enchanted Forest, but apparently the Enchanted Forest is closed off from the outside world. Why is the Forest Enchanted? Who resides in the forest? Why is it now closed off? Could the Enchanted Forest be where Anna and Elsa learn more about who their parents are and what happened to them? Is Elsa’s mother from the Enchanted Forest…?

So many questions! Hopefully, they will all be answered. Below is one of the trailers for Frozen 2. Give it a watch and let me know if you have any questions you hope are answered in the new movie!

Frozen 2 comes out on November 22, 2019. If you need other movies to watch till then I suggest Toy Story 4. Make sure you check out my review of Toy Story 4 HERE.

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