Eater’s Guide To The World on Hulu

Eater's Guide to the World

Well now I’m hungry

I don’t think I have watched a show about food that made me so hungry and want to travel so much. Eater’s Guide To The World is out now on Hulu, and it is a binge-worthy show. Below are my top reasons why you need to check out Eater’s Guide To The World on Hulu.

Maya Rudolph’s voice is like an angel

There is something so soothing and entertaining about Maya Rudolph’s voice. I could listen to her narrate all day, every day. It is so easy for a narrated show to lose viewers because the narrator is boring. Truthfully, the narrator should be just as interesting as the content you are presenting in the show, and this is exactly what Maya does. While watching Eater’s Guide To The World it’s like Maya is there actually eating the food. Then she throws in a cuss word and it makes you stop and giggle.

Eater's Guide to the World

It’s not your average show about food

As I mentioned above Maya Rudolph does not hold back when talking about the food. Within the first 5 minutes of Eater’s Guide To The World, Maya drops some cuss words and it made me stop, look around to see if my kids were near me, and when they weren’t lean in closer for her to tell me more. Haha! This is not your average show about food and makes me question why I did not try and become a food critic. Haha!

The show makes me miss traveling

It really does. Just seeing the amazing restaurants, food, and people makes me miss traveling so much. If this show had come out in 2019 I 100% guarantee I would have looked at my husband and said, “We are going to some of these restaurants. Pack your bags!”. Sadly, it did not so all I can do is watch and salivate over the fried chicken, BBQ, and late Night New York eats. When I do start traveling again I will for sure be checking some of these places out.

Definitely worth watching

Eater’s Guide To The World is definitely worth watching if you love shows about food. It is out on Hulu now so curl up on the couch with a drink or a snack and check it out. Then come back and tell me if you have been to any of the restaurants featured or if you want to visit one!


Discover the most surprising culinary destinations in Eater’s Guide to the World. Join narrator Maya Rudolph on a quest to find the most unexpected places to score an epic meal, while drinking and dining with the locals along the way. Crew: Lauren Cynamon, Chad Mumm, Mark W. Olsen and Amanda Kludt serve as executive producers and the series is produced by Eater and Vox Media Studios.


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Eater’s Guide To The World on Hulu

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