Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

My Christmas stocking growing up and Christmas stocking stuffer ideas

When I was a kid I always wondered why my mom chose what she did to put in our Christmas stocking. We would get an orange in the toe, then it would be filled with nuts, a toothbrush, toothpaste, sometimes floss, a little bit of candy, and a small toy. I would see pictures of kid’s stockings filled with tons of items. Heck, my husband had a Christmas stocking the size of a person! Haha!

Now that I am older though I miss those orange nut-filled dental conscience Christmas stockings, and I think I am going to continue some of the same traditions with my own kids. Including toothbrushes, and I might even throw in some mandarin oranges. (My youngest really likes those.) but I also want to make sure I include a small toy as well. So, if you are in need of some Christmas stocking stuffer ideas I have a few below. (You can see a lot of the below toys in action over on my Instagram page HERE.)

Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas


A couple of the companies on this list did provide me products in exchange for consideration to be added to this Christmas stocking stuffer ideas guide. Other companies I have worked with throughout this year as a brand ambassador. Some of the links contained in this guide are affiliate links and I will disclose them. All of these toys have made it onto this guide because they are amazing products that both my kids and I love. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Brite Brush Toothbrush

If you are like my mom and include a new toothbrush in your kid’s stocking every year then Brite Brush has created a toothbrush that makes brushing your teeth even more exciting. Currently, Brite Brush has two different kinds of toothbrushes to choose from, their Game Brush and Baby Shark Brush. My 2-year-old loves to be able to brush her teeth to the Baby Shark song, and my 5-year-old loves to rock out to music or play games while brushing her teeth with the Game Brush.

The great thing about Brite Brush toothbrushes is they help to encourage proper brushing habits. They will tell you when it is time to switch sides, how to brush, and if you are not brushing correctly or stop brushing the games and songs end. Brite Brush also has a parent feature where it will tell you how well your child has brushed. Brite Brush retails for slightly under $20 and is a super cool addition to a stocking. You can purchase Brite Brush at Amazon HERE, Target HERE, and Wal-Mart HERE. (Looks like Amazon and Wal-Mart are the cheapest right now at $19.96)

Brite Brush Stocking Stuffer Idea

Funko Games – Something Wild

If you have a gamer in your house then I highly suggest Funko Games Something Wild and Marvel Battle World battle balls for their Christmas stockings. Funko games was kind enough to send me samples to try out with my family and we have loved playing both. I am a huge fan of Disney and Marvel so getting to play games with my kids that incorporate my favorite fandoms is awesome.

Something Wild was a fun game to play with the family and super cute with the Funko Pop! characters on the cards and the small Funko Pop! figure you use to play the game with. (The game is also a great way to work on matching and counting with your kids.) If you plan on purchasing Something Wild and playing with 3 or more players I do suggest purchasing multiple decks. Not only does it make the game more fun, but you will not run out of cards so fast. You can find Funko Games Something Wild on their site HERE, Amazon HERE, Target HERE, and Wal-Mart HERE. Something Wild decks sell for around $8, but it looks like Amazon and Target are selling them for slightly less, $7.99.

Funko Games – Marvel Battle World

My 5-year-old and I had a blast playing Marvel Battle World. Marvel Battle World battle balls are a game mixed with a surprise unboxing toy since you do not know what characters you are going to get in your battle ball. Plus there is also an extra character in your battle ball that becomes part of the game and your opponent can win from you, and both of you do not know what character it is.

The name of the game is to roll the dice to see if your character’s strengths beat your opponent’s cards strengths, and to build your battle world. The battle ball is about the size of an orange so it will fit nicely in the toe of any Christmas stocking. HAHA! Marvel Battle World battle balls sell for around $9 on the Funko site HERE but also sell for slightly less on Amazon HERE, Target HERE, and Wal-Mart HERE. (Amazon and Wal-Mart are offing the best price at $8.36.)

Ravel Tales

If you have an older child then I highly recommend Ravel Tales as a Christmas stocking stuffer idea. If your child is into crafting and also loves surprise unboxing toys then Ravel Tales is a great choice. Ravel Tales comes with everything you need to make multiple crafts for the surprise Ravel Tale stuffy you will find inside. They are also the perfect size to fit into a stocking. Early this year we got to try out a couple of Ravel Tales and my 5-year-old loved doing all of the crafts that came with them. (You can check out my full review post HERE.) You can find Ravel Tales at Amazon HERE, Target HERE, and Wal-Mart HERE. Ravel Tales retail for slightly under $10, and it looks like the best deal can be found on Amazon and Wal-Mart for $9.97)

Ravel Tales

Bright Fairy Friends

If you have a child who is into dolls and fairies then a great Christmas stocking stuffer idea is Bright Fairy Friends. It is a surprise unboxing fairy doll that comes in her own twinkle lights lantern home and accessories. My girls use the twinkle lights lantern every night as a night light, and I think I may need to purchase another one so that my girls each have their own twinkle lights jar. Haha! You can check out my full review of Bright Fairy Friends HERE. You can purchase Bright Fairy Friends on Amazon HERE, Target HERE, and Wal-Mart HERE. Bright Fairy Friends retail for around $10, and it looks like Wal-Mart currently has the best price at $9.94.

Bright Fairy Friends


If you have a Tonie box or know someone with a Tonie box then Tonies make the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer idea. (You can read my full review of Tonies HERE.) Tonies made it onto my top educational toys of 2020 guide, and for good reason. It is a screen-free educational toy that will have your kids up on their feet dancing, listening to stories, and interacting with the Tonies and Tonie box.

Creative and Content Tonies are the perfect size to fit into advent calendars and also Christmas stockings. You can purchase Tonies on their site HERE (affiliate link), Target HERE, and Amazon HERE. Content Tonies usually retail for $14.99 each, and Creative Tonies $11.99 each. There will be a sale on Creative and Content Tonies on the Tonies site where you will be able to purchase 3 Tonies for around $38. I will add the link once the sale is up.

Tonies Stocking Stuffer Idea

My Educational Toy’s of 2020

Now that you have your Christmas stocking stuffer ideas and your stockings are ready to go then make sure you check out my top educational toy’s of 2020 list HERE.

What are you some traditional items that go into your Christmas stockings every year? Let me know in the comments!

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