Top Coffee Gifts of 2020

Top Coffee Gifts of 2020: For The Coffee Lover

Other than Netflix the other thing getting me through 2020 is COFFEE!

Every year I write a post about my top coffee gifts. A post that covers all of the amazing coffee roasters, coffee gear, and brewers that helped get me through the year, and 2020 is no exception. (You can read all about last year HERE.) Actually, 2020 might be the most important year. During the early part of the year, no one wanted to go out to the store to shop.

Top Coffee Gifts of 2020

Add on that many places were carry out only, and the lines were long. I remember trying to secure a grocery delivery and Amazon did not have a delivery time slot for 1.5 weeks. (It was the same for every other grocery store I tried.) After being put on all of the waitlists for food delivery services I was finally able to order and get Imperfect Foods to deliver. (Affiliate Link) Not only were they a Godsend, but they also introduced me to my top coffee this year as well as a runner up. So, without further ado here are my Top Coffees and Coffee Gifts for 2020.

Disclaimer: This post does contain 1 referral link. If you click on it and make a purchase I do receive some compensation. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

My Top Coffees of the year

So, this year I have 4 coffees that I have loved, and have beat out the rest of all of the other coffees I drank throughout the year. The first coffee is Elevation from Ceremony Coffee Roaster and Imperfect Foods. Unfortunately, I cannot find where you can buy it outside of being an Imperfect Foods customer in the Maryland area, but if you are an Imperfect Foods customer I highly suggest you try and get your hands on this coffee. Next on my list is my ever favorite Birch Coffee. I love the Birch Blend, and purchasing coffee from Birch is a treat.

Another coffee that I discovered through Imperfect Foods is Rise coffee. Luckily, Rise Coffee can be found outside of Imperfect Foods. The coffee I have been loving is specifically their Oat Milk Mocha. When you open up the can it roars, and is so smooth. Delicious from first to the last sip, and perfect for summertime to keep you cool. The last coffee is from First Coffee Co. Their Espresso First blend is amazing. It’s even better because First Coffee Co. donates a portion of its coffee and tea sales to charities throughout the year. It works out perfectly because they are currently donating 5% of sales of their Espresso First Blend to She’s the First charity.

Top Coffee Gifts

If you don’t know what coffee or gifts to give this year then I have some suggestions! With Trade Coffee you will take a quiz to help them match you to coffees they think you will like. Then they will show you your matches and you can choose your frequency of delivery. Or you can opt to give a gift that includes either 3, 6, or 12 bags of coffee. Then the coffees you are matched with will be sent to you. I actually love to gift myself a 3 bag subscription. It is so much fun to get surprise coffee in the mail. (I actually have some bags of coffee coming in the mail to me as I write this. Haha!)

Now, Driftaway Coffee is similar, but also different. Driftaway Coffee takes you on a journey of coffee. They are very much so into providing you with quality coffee, but also educating you about the coffee and where it comes from. They offer virtual coffee cuppings, or as they like to call them tastings. You can get a sample box of different coffees or just purchase bags of coffee. What I really love about Driftaway coffee though is they send along a ton of information about their coffees when you order. The information tells you about the coffee, but also about the farmers and farms where the coffee comes from.

Brewers & Coffee Gear

My favorite brewer this year is hands down the Aeropress. Earlier this year I cut back on making my own lattes, but the Ninja Coffee Bar I use makes drip coffee too strong for my taste. So, I busted out my Aeropress and I haven’t looked back. Seriously, in the past 8 months or so I have made 1 latte use my Ninja Coffee Bar. The Aeropress is small, portable, and makes great coffee. Currently, you can purchase an Aeropress kit on Amazon for $29.95 (Onsale) HERE. With great coffee usually comes great coffee gear. What’s better than a shirt that tells it like it is? Haha! That is why I love Birch Coffee’s Coffee Makes Me Nicer shirt. It retails for $20.00 and would make a great gift.

And those are my Top Coffee Gifts for the Coffee Lover. I am excited for 2021 and all of the new coffee and coffee gear. If you end up trying any of these coffees I would love to hear your thought! Drop them in the comments.

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