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George Goes Everywhere: George Igoe Interview

Traveling on a budget

I love to travel on a budget. I’m a frugal person and I want the most bang for my buck. I also have kids and traveling can get pretty expensive fast. That is why I love George Igoe’s show George Goes Everywhere on Million Stories. In his show, George travels to different U.S. cities and spends $100 or less to visit those cities. Currently, George’s show has taken him to Boston, New York City, Nashville, Savannah, and New Orleans. (More episodes coming soon!) The amount of sightseeing, eating, and local experiences he gets himself into is so much fun to watch. Even my kids love watching his shows. That’s why when I had a chance to interview George I said yes! You can check out my full interview with George Igoe below

George Goes Everywhere

Interview with George Igoe

Of course, I had questions I knew I wanted to ask George during my interview. Questions like why he chose $100 as his spending limit, what inspired him to create his show, etc. But because my kids also love watching George’s show I asked my girls if they had any questions for George. They told me they wanted to know what his favorite activity or food was from the show, and of course, they asked him to come to one of our local cities to film a show one day. You can watch the whole interview below, enjoy! (P.S. All shows were filmed before Covid-19, and that is why you do not see masks or social distancing.)

Show Synopsis

Join along as George dives into local cultures and history and tours cities’ hidden gems, from old subway stops and Naval ships, to puppet museums and corn mazes. A New Jersey native, Igoe has worked for shows such as “Family Guy,” “The Cleveland Show,” and was a writer on CBS’ “Mike & Molly.” No stranger to the world of affordable travel, he developed “Rich Travel / Poor Travel,” a show where he traveled first class with frequent flyer miles, then explored the destination city on a micro-budget.

George Goes Everywhere Savannah trailer

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