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Maya and the Three Review: A Must Watch!

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If you are looking for a TV show that is full of action, adventure, dangerous quests, family, love, heartbreak, and a kick-ass heroine then look no further than Maya and the Three. Created by Jorge R. Gutiérrez Maya and the Three releases on Netflix on October 22, 2021. You can read my full Maya and the Three Review and parent’s guide below!

Maya and the Three Review

My Maya and the Three Review

I really liked The Book of Life, also from Jorge R. Gutiérrez, so when I saw the trailer for Maya and the Three I got really excited, but I had no idea what to expect from the previews. After screening Maya and the Three, I am convinced Jorge R. Gutiérrez is a genius. Maya and the Three is everything. Its story is beautifully told, the animation is breathtaking, and the cast is amazing.

The Story

The story follows 15-year-old Maya who is determined to be a warrior like her parents and her brothers, but her parents have other ideas for her. As the show progresses we discover the god of war wants to sacrifice Maya to gain more power. There is a prophecy about a mighty Teca Eagle warrior and three other warriors who will defeat the gods of the underworld. Maya believes she is this foreseen Eagle warrior and goes on a quest to find her three warriors. I could tell you more about the story but it would spoil the show.

Oh my goodness does the story rip at your heartstrings though while also making you fall on the floor laughing. I did not expect the show to make me cry, but I wept tears of sadness and happiness while watching. (I cried like a baby at the end.) Also, I love how the show spends just the right amount of time on each of the main character’s story backgrounds. It is the key to the connections audiences will feel with these characters.


The animation though for Maya and the Three is next level. It is so detailed, the colors are vibrant, and at points has a 3D look to it that just elevates the animation and brings it to life. It’s just so beautiful to look at. Each character also has a different look which fits them perfectly. The animation in Maya and the Three is truly a masterpiece.


The icing on the cake for Maya and the Three is its all-star cast. Zoe Saldaña leads the cast as Princess Maya and she nails the role. She brings the heart and soul of the show to life and makes you feel and cheer for Maya. But I also have to commend Alfred Molina who stars as the God of War. the God of War in Maya and the Three is scary and Alfred does an amazing job. To counteract some of the scarier characters there is Gabriel Iglesias as Picchu, and Jorge R. Gutiérrez himself as King Teca. Both are as funny as ever and bring the comedy to help lighten Maya and the Three. But Stephanie Beatriz stars as my favorite character, Chimi. I just love Chimi so much and Stephanie makes me love the character even more.

My Rating

I cannot say enough how much I LOVE Maya and the Three. (It is actually now my second favorite quest ever. Lord of the Rings is first.) They call it an event, and it is an event. The story is beautiful, sad, and happy all at the same time. The show will bring you to tears so have tissues handy. Haha! The animation is gorgeous, eye-popping, and so unique. My only qualm with it as a kid’s show is it is scary, but I have to give it an A+. Maya and the Three may just be the best-animated kid’s TV show of 2021.

Parents Guide

Netflix rated Maya and the Three TV-Y7, but it really pushes that rating. It is a scary show for kids. (I was actually surprised at how scary it is.) My almost 4-year-old could not watch it, and my 6-year-old closed her eyes during a bunch of the scenes. There is a lot of violence in the show, death, and a bunch of the god characters are scary. So, I highly suggest watching the show first before letting your kids watch it.

Show Synopsis

In a fantastical world filled with magic, a Mesoamerican-inspired warrior princess embarks on an epic quest to fulfill an ancient prophecy and save humanity from the vengeful gods of the underworld.

Maya and the Three Trailer

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