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Lady and The Tramp Disney+ Movie Review

She’s a Lady He’s a Tramp

One of my favorite movies growing up was Lady and The Tramp. To be honest it is possibly the reason I love dogs so much. The characters and the music are so memorable. (I could probably sing all the songs to you right now, but I won’t torture you. Haha!) Disney has been on a live-action remake kick for a lot of their most popular movies. Some have been hit’s, and some have been misses. (But we can talk about that later. Haha!)

With the addition of Disney’s new streaming service, they have decided to make a live-action remake of Lady and The Tramp. While in LA I was able to screen Lady and The Tramp along with interview Yvette Nicole Brown and Adrian Martinez. For now, I am going to focus on the movie review, and I will have another post about the interview. So, does the new live-action Lady and The Tramp live up to the original? Here is my review!

Lady and the Tramp Movie Review

Movie Synopsis

Lady (Tessa Thompson) has a wonderful life. She is loved and pampered by her owners Jim Dear (Thomas Mann) and Darling Dear (Kiersey Clemons). She enjoys her walks, bathtime, and friends, Trusty (Sam Elliot) and Jock (Ashley Jensen). That is until the baby comes. Tramp (Justin Theroux) is a loner street dog who is just trying to find his next meal, avoid the Dog Catcher (Adrian Martinez), and stay out of the pound. When Aunt Sarah (Yvette Nicole Brown) is asked to pet sit Lady while the Dear’s go away everything goes wrong and Lady finds herself on the street. While trying to find her way home Lady runs into the Tramp and their adventure begins.

My Review

Oh my goodness I loved this movie. Some people are not going to agree with me, but I feel Disney’s live-action remake of Lady and The Tramp is one of the best live-action remakes to date. (There I said it, and I am not ashamed and I stand by my decision. Haha!) It is heartwarming, funny, pretty true to the original, and has a phenomenal cast. Yes, some things were changed. One example, the Siamese cats and their song was changed to a different breed and a different song. But the new song fits just as well.

They do use real dogs in the movie, but they also use CGI to make them talk. Some people might be bothered by this, but Disney did a pretty darn good job with it. Adrian Martinez is hilarious as the misunderstood Dog Catcher. (I mean he is just a public servant doing his job for crying out loud. Haha!) This movie is so good, I feel, it should have been released in theaters.

Lady and The Tramp
Caption : Lady (voiced by Tessa Thompson) and Tramp (voiced by Justin Theroux) in Disney’s live-action LADY AND THE TRAMP. Byline : KC Bailey Copyright : (c) 2019 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Safe for Kids?

Absolutely! I feel it is safe for all ages, and all ages will enjoy it. It is rated PG because of some action/peril. If you read any of my reviews for kids movies you know I am a stickler for peril. Haha! My 4-year-old doesn’t do well with it, but the parts of the movie that have the most action are truly not very scary. Actually, I believe they are less scary than the original. Haha!

My Rating

I give Lady and The Tramp an A. The songs, the dogs, and the story is iconic and Disney did a fantastic job remaking the movie. It feels like the original and will leave you wanting to watch it over and over again. Some won’t like it, and that’s ok. Yvette Nicole Brown wisely said in our interview, “There is room for both iterations.” one does not displace or erase the other. If you prefer the original it is still there for you to watch.

Lady and The Tramp is available to stream on Disney+ Nov 12, 2019. Once you see it let me know what you think in the comments!
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