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A Small Town Girl’s Frozen 2 Red Carpet World Premiere Experience

From the East Coast to the West Coast

I am a small-town girl. I usually watch world premieres and red carpets from the comfort of my living room with popcorn. Like most people I ooh and aah over the celebrities, location, and what people are wearing. So what happens when a small-town girl like myself gets to experience a red carpet in person? I do the same thing. Haha! In all seriousness though I have been totally blessed to be able to attend the world premiere of Frozen 2.

Frozen 2 red carpet premiere

What does this mean? It means I was able to walk the red carpet, see the movie, and attend the after-party. While I hope it is not a once in a lifetime opportunity I went and made sure I experienced it as it might be. so here is everything I did, ate, and saw during the red carpet and after-party. (Ya’ll are just going to have to wait for info on the movie. Haha!)

Red Carpet

The Frozen 2 world premiere took place on Hollywood Blvd at the Dolby Theater, on Nov 7, 2019. (P.S. it’s where they hold the Oscars!) The carpet was actually red. Haha! (Sometimes they change the color to match the movie.) It was beautiful, glamorous, and packed. Haha! They had two lines one for the celebrities in front and one for everyone else in the back. You could see People doing their red carpet coverage and speaking with celebrities. Actually my husband was able to see me on TV. (Well part of me. Haha!) Because fall is a theme in Frozen 2 the red carpet also had a fall theme with smoke, leaves, and trees. We stopped to watch everyone, stopped for pictures, and took our time to make sure we soaked up the experience.

After Party Food

After the movie premiere it was party time! (Personally, the only big parties I have gone too have been weddings. Haha!) Of course, the names of the food were Frozen themed. As well as the desserts. There was an open bar, but sadly no Frozen-themed cocktails.

After Party Activites

The best part of the after-party was the activities. Because many children love Frozen 2, and many children attended the world premiere there were a lot of activities for kids at the after-party. Around the perimeter of the party, there were photo opportunities, interactive games like Charades where you could win prizes, snacks, see Frozen 2 merchandise, and more.

The Cast of Frozen 2

Since I am a parent I really loved the fact that the after-party, while late in the night, was still somewhat geared towards kids. A lot of the cast from Frozen 2 were in attendance and even brought their families. I had the chance to meet and see some Actors and Actresses who I have only seen on the big screen, and you know what? They are just like you and me. I was able to meet Jason Ritter, Josh Gad, and Sterling K. Brown, and all of these gentlemen are so kind and courteous.

Dream Come True

The whole Frozen 2 World Premiere experience was a dream come true for me. For years I have followed amazing bloggers/influencers who have walked multiple red carpets, and I could only imagine what it would be like. Now, I don’t have to imagine it because for one night I lived it, and when my kids are older I will be able to watch red carpets with them and tell them my own red carpet story. If you have any questions about the Frozen 2 red carpet let me know in the comments. Coming soon is my Frozen 2 movie review and Press junket review. Till then make sure you check out my post on the 5 burning questions I have for Frozen 2 HERE.

Frozen 2 Comes out November 22nd!

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