Frozen 2 gift ideas for kids and tweens

Frozen 2 Gift Ideas for Kids and Tweens

Frozen 2

Frozen 2 took over my house the moment the products hit the shelves for the movie. Haha! My girls love everything Frozen. They have bedroom sets, toys, and clothes from the first Frozen. But when Frozen 2 products came out, and Target put up the Frozen 2 section in their stores I knew my pocketbook was going to take a hit. Fast forward to me attending the Frozen 2 red carpet, world premiere, and press junket in November, and all bets were off. So, if you have kids or tweens who love Disney’s Frozen 2 then here are some amazing Frozen 2 gift ideas!

Frozen 2 gift ideas for kids and tweens

Disclosure – This post is sponsored. I did receive the products contained in this Frozen 2 gift ideas guide in exchange for my review and posting on social media. All thoughts and opinions are my own. My children and I currently use all of these products and love them so I wanted to collect them all together in a gift guide. I would not recommend a product or a company I have not tried or do not like. PLUS, I wanted to provide my readers with amazing giveaways and some of these companies assisted with that.

For the Budding Collector – Funk Pop!

Do you have a budding collector in your house? I haven’t collected things in a while because for the last 4 years my hobby and everything has been kids. Haha! I wanted to change that in 2019, but I didn’t know what I wanted to collect since I didn’t want to collect something my kids could break. While on The Geekly Retreat, we were given swag bags, and my bag had a Kristoff Funko. He is so adorable, and then at the Frozen 2 Press Junket I saw the Sven Funko, and I was done.

I knew right then and there I was going to collect Funko’s. The best part about Funko’s is you can keep them in the box or play with them. (They are vinyl, aka plastic, so if they fall or accidentally get dropped, they won’t break!) So, you can collect them as a family, or your kid/tween can collect them and play with them, and they can continue to keep collecting them as they grow up. (Or they make a great hand me down collection!) They do range in price and size, but they have every character or person you can imagine. For example, each one of the below Frozen 2 Funko’s costs $10.00. That’s not a bad price! There are also a ton of Buy/Sell/Trade groups for Funko Pop!s so it is possible you can save/make money on them.

Frozen 2 Funko Pop!

Educational Games/Toys

I am huge on games/toys for kids and tweens that serve a dual purpose. If a game/toy is educational and fun I am 100% in. (Super plus if they also entertain me as well while I am playing with my kids. Haha!) There are two games/toys I think are pretty amazing for the kid who loves Frozen 2.


The first is Osmo and their Super Studio Disney Frozen 2. My kids love their tablet and could spend hours playing mindless games so a product that can let them play their tablet and learn is amazing, and that is what Osmo does. They make games for both iPad and Fire tablets. You do need the correct corresponding base so make sure when purchasing you know what kind of tablet will be used.

So, how does Osmo work? Well, the base also comes with a camera reflector which reflects what you do on the workbook or pad onto the tablet. It’s so cool because kids can see their creations come to life. Osmo also has many more games that cover a wide age range (3-12 years), such as coding, numbers, letters, words, and more Disney/Pixar Super Studios. Osmo is sold on their website, and the Super Studio Frozen 2, usually priced at $19, is currently on sale for $13.30. (A great deal!) The base, iPad and Fire tablet, is priced at $39. Osmo can also be purchased at Target, Best Buy, Apple, and Amazon.


The other educational toy I love is Build-A-Bear. I know some of you might be wondering how stuffed animals are educational, but they are. They encourage imaginative play which is so important for development in kids. Another thing I love about Build-A-Bear is going into the store to make a bear encourages family together time. It makes a great interactive experience for everyone.

The cutest bears this season I think are Build-A-Bears Frozen 2 bears. Their price depends on what you get. If you purchase just the Anna or Elsa bear without clothes it is currently $29.00 a bear. (Olaf is also $29.00.) The cost for the Elsa bear with clothes, wig, and shoes is currently $62.30. (Currently on sale.) I will say I do not particularly care for the wigs on the bears because it is so hard to keep them on. (Unfortunately, Sven can only be purchased online, but he is my favorite out of the whole collection.)


For the Home – Franco Dreams

Franco Dreams has so many great Frozen 2 products such as bed sets, drapes, pillows, and snuggly blankets. Bed sheets range in size so you can get twin/full, but since my kids are still using toddler size beds my daughters have been enjoying and snuggling with their Olaf pillow and using their hooded blankets.

My oldest has the snuggle wrap hooded blanket, priced at $14.88 at Walmart, and my youngest has the Olaf hooded blanket, priced at $16 at Target. The hooded blankets are great for using just lounging around the house, or also taking with you in the car to help the little ones keep warm. Other big pluses about Franco Dreams products are they are available for purchase from a wide variety of retailers such as Target, Walmart Amazon, etc. Once we switch my oldest to a twin-size bed, we will be snatching up some Frozen 2 Franco Dreams bed sets to go with the hooded blankets.

Franco Dream Frozen 2 wrap
Have you run across any products that would make amazing Frozen 2 gift ideas for kids and tweens? Let me know in the comments!
Oh, and remember above when I mentioned a giveaway? Well, make sure you are following me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram because I will be giving away some Disney Frozen 2 Funko Pop!s, and 2 Build-A-Bears from the Frozen 2 line through December 31st over on my social media channels!

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