Magical Workshop Play Osmo Review

Magical Workshop Math Wizard: Play Osmo Review

Over 3 years of Play Osmo love!

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I cannot believe we have been a Play Osmo family for over 3 years. Play Osmo has definitely made an impact on our family and our girls get excited whenever a new Play Osmo game arrives. If you are new to Play Osmo you can read my review of the system HERE. We recently received the Magical Workshop Math Wizard game (Affiliate link) to add to our collection and my girls could not wait to start playing and learning. Here is our review!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I am a Play Osmo Brand Ambassador and we did receive a Play Osmo Magical Workshop Math Wizard in exchange for our review and posts on social media. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Magical Workshop Math Wizard Play Osmo Review

About the Game

Magical Workshop is just one of the new math games from Play Osmo. It is suggested for ages 6-8 (Grades 1-2). In the game, you are transported to a magical world where you use addition and subtraction to create magical potions, make friends, and help others. The game uses tangible pieces to help kids visually see and solve the math problems in the game.

Our Magical Workshop Review

To start, I wish I had something like this when I was in school. Haha! I was homeschooled and Play Osmo games would make a great addition to any homeschool curriculum. My kids are not homeschooled so we use Play Osmo as educational screentime and as a reinforcer/in addition to what my kids learn in school. While the game is suggested for grades 1-2 my oldest is in Kindergarten and is learning addition and subtraction. One of the many reasons I love this Play Osmo game is because you can select the difficulty level. Currently, my oldest is on the easiest level and it is spot on for her math level. As she progresses in her math skills the game will be able to grow with her.

The game is so entertaining. Even as an adult, I enjoy sitting down with my kids and playing the game. There are many different games you can play that present addition and subtraction differently to keep kids engaged. You can even use crystals and other objects you earn in the game to get pets and take care of them. (This is great because when my daughters are in need of breaks from the other games they go and play with their cat in the game.) What are our overall thoughts? Magical Workshop Math Wizard is a great teaching tool for young kids. It is entertaining, engaging, and perfect for young kids learning addition and subtraction!

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