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If you are like me you are trying to find things to do with your kids while they are home. Last year I had the pleasure of trying out Play Osmo with my daughter and we loved it. You can read about my Play Osmo review HERE. Well, right now Play Osmo just released a new app, Osmo Kaleidoscope, and for a limited time, they are allowing it to be downloaded for free! If Play Osmo releases any more free apps or products I will let you know!

What is Osmo?

Play Osmo is a compilation of games you download to your tablet where your child can learn all sorts of things, numbers, letters, shapes, coding, geography, etc. Osmo works with either an iPad or a Fire tablet.  Osmo offers a wide range of educational games for kids, but what makes these games great are they are interactive. Kids nowadays could spend endless hours on their tablets playing games and learn nothing. With Osmo, kids are using their tablets and Osmo sketchpads, blocks, shapes, and other accessories to draw and create along with the game. Kids will see their creation and hard work come to life on their tablet screen. The games have different age ranges, but you can find an Osmo game for kids ages 3-12.


Osmo and Bennett Day School have made Osmo Kaleidoscope available for free download until March 31st. You do need an Osmo base to play. You can click HERE to learn more about Play Osmo Kaleidoscope.


If you are in need of a super cute Mo Unicorn printable Play Osmo has also released the below coloring page! Click HERE to download it or print it. This one is great for all ages!

Mo Unicorn

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