Jungle Beat The Movie Review

Jungle Beat The Movie

My Kids Think Jungle Beat The Movie is AMAZING

I am not going to say my kids are obsessed with Jungle Beat The Movie, but ever since it came out they have asked to watch it every day. Haha! They laugh so hard every time they watch it. I, on the other hand, am not too impressed with the movie, but hey, that is totally ok! Here is my review of Jungle Beat The Movie.

My Review

While my kids loved this movie I wasn’t as entertained, but that is because it is geared very much towards younger children. It is a good, clean, and wholesome movie. It does a great job of teaching kids about friendship and caring for others. The whole time I watched the movie I was reminded of all of the Madagascar movies, and even some of the voices in Jungle Beat The Movie sounded like the actors that starred in the Madagascar movies. The animation and use of colors are pretty good, and better than most straight to TV movies.

My Rating

I give Jungle Beat The Movie a C. It’s not the best movie, and older kids and adults may not find it very entertaining but it is a great movie for really young kids. Right now the movie is for rent ($4.99) or purchase ($19.99), and I will say my kids have definitely watched it enough to justify purchasing it. You can find out how to rent/purchase it here.

Movie Synopsis

Fneep the Alien crash lands on earth to conquer it for his people, and also to impress his dad. While trying to get back to his ship Fneep comes into contact with the local animals and unexpectedly learns about friendship and love, and what it entails.

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Jungle Beat The Movie Review

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