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Play Osmo Pizza Co. Game Review

Making Learning Fun. What is Play Osmo?

I always like to do a short introduction to Play Osmo on my review posts. Why? Because even though I have written quite a few reviews of Play Osmo’s games you might not have seen them, and this could be your first introduction to their fantastic games/system. So, if you have never heard or seen Play Osmo before you can click HERE to learn all about them. In short, though, Play Osmo is a compilation of super fun interactive educational games you can play on your iPad or Fire tablet using Play Osmo’s special reflector, mat, and game pieces. We love Play Osmo in our house because it makes learning fun. This time I am reviewing a new game we just got. Play Osmo Pizza Co.!

Play Osmo Pizza Co. Game Review

Disclosure – This post is sponsored. I did receive Play Osmo products in exchange for my review and posting on social media. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I would not recommend a product or a company I have not tried or do not like. 

Pizza Co.

Play Osmo Pizza Co. is a game where you run a pizza shop and you need to make pizzas and tender change to the customers that come in. It is a great game for learning how to run a business, math skills (including fractions), learning about money, and people skills. The game comes with a fold-out pizza, toppings, and cash and coins. It is a game with many layers to it. So, with younger kids, it helps with counting, math, and social skills. For older kids, it helps teach them how to run a business and math. Play Osmo suggests the game is for ages 5-12, and I agree. My kids are 5 years old and almost 3 years old, and my 5-year-old is just the right age for starting to play the game. (My 3-year-old loves to play it but needs A LOT of guidance. HAHA!.)

For Younger Kids

For my 3-year-old, Play Osmo Pizza Co. is helping her to learn about social interactions. While my youngest can count she is still learning and just wants to throw the pizza toppings on the pizza and move it into the oven. Haha! But, when a customer comes in and you make their pizza wrong the characters show their displeasure. Once this happens my 3-year-old get’s concerned and it makes her really pay attention to their pizza requests, and when she gets it right she is ecstatic.

Because my 5-year-old can count when she plays the game she can follow what the characters in the game want on their pizza. She can make the pizza’s and move them into the oven, but she does run into trouble when it comes time for the customers to pay, and she needs to make change. Which is totally fine because at home we have just started to teach her about money and the different bill denominations. If you have older kids who know the different bill denominations can have the game do even smaller change denominations by including the use of coins when making change.

For Older Kids

For kids who already know how to count and make change Play Osmo Pizza Co. is really great for teaching them about running a business. The game shows you how much your business made in a day, the cost of supplies, the cost of paying your delivery driver and paying rent. It even gives them goals for earning money to decorate the shop and saving money.

So how do we like it?

Overall Play Osmo Pizza Co. is a really fun game! Both of my kids really enjoy it, and I have noticed my 5-year-old really stopping and trying to make change for her customers. She realizes that she doesn’t fully understand about money, but after playing the game if I told her that a customer needs 3 Dollars back in change she can now find the 1 dollar bills and count out 3 dollars. The smiles of joy and accomplishment when she does this is priceless and is just one of the many reasons we are a Play Osmo family.

Learning with play osmo


On their site Play Osmo Pizza Co. costs $49.00. (The base and reflector are sold separately.) Personally, I feel it’s a good deal for the amount of time your child will spend playing with it. Especially if you have multiple children who will be using it. But, if you are looking for a gift then currently Play Osmo has a Pretend Play Bundle where you can get their Pizza Co. and Detective Agency games together for $89.00, and I would highly recommend purchasing the bundle. (You end up saving around $10.00 if you buy the bundle instead of purchasing the games separately.) My 5-year-old loves Play Osmo’s Detective Agency. You can read my review for it HERE.

More games from Play Osmo

There are so many amazing Play Osmo games available and I love that our collection of Osmo games keeps growing. You can read my review of Play Osmo Super Studios HERE, and about Play Osmo’s new Little Genius Starter Kit Plus Early Math HERE.

Do your kids love Play Osmo? What games are their favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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