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A Week Away Press Junket & Movie Fun Facts

Are you ready for summer camp?!

Netflix has a new movie coming out called A Week Away. It is about a troubled teen who chooses to go to a Christian summer camp instead of Juvenile Detention, but surprise! The movie is a musical! I recently had the pleasure to attend a press junket for A Week Away and learned a lot about the actors and the film. A Week Away releases on Netflix on March 26, 2021, but until then you can check out some fun facts about the film below!

A Week Away Press Junket & Movie Fun Facts

Fun Fact’s about A Week Away

During the press junket, we got a chance to interview Bailee Madison, Kevin Quinn, Jahbril Cook, and Kat Conner Sterling. It was so much fun to sit down with them and learn about the film, and to find out what they loved the most about making the film, and what they hope people take away from the film. Below are just some of the fun facts that I gathered from the interviews.

  • Kevin’s favorite dance number and song are Dive because he feels it captures the spirit of everyone together.
  • When asked about her favorite song and dance number Bailee mentioned a Place in This World (Since it was the first song they did), as well as Best Thing Ever.
  • Kat’s favorite songs from the movie are Dive, Good Enough, and Best Thing Ever. Jabril’s favorite dance number is Dive and his favorite song is Baby Baby.
  • Bailee told us there is a scene at the end of the movie that was re-written in the morning and then re-shot later that day.
  • The movie was shot on location at YMCA Camp Widjiwagan.
  • Amy Grant and Steven Curtis Chapman make cameo appearances in the film.
  • Kevin was a contestant on American Idol.
  • Bailee Madison co-produced the movie
  • A Week Away is Jahbril’s and Kat’s first feature film.
  • Kat had never done flag football before the movie.
  • During a dodge ball scene, they used a leaf blower to simulate Kat getting hit in the face with a dodge ball.

My Favorite Fun Fact

I will say though, my top fun fact from the press junket is not exactly a fun fact. Haha! During our interview with Bailee and Kevin, we did not have time for everyone to ask a question, but Bailee made a point to try and say thank you to those who did not get a chance to ask a question. In all of the interviews and press junkets, I have been apart of this is the nicest thing I have seen.

I cannot wait to share my full review with you soon! You can watch the full interviews below.

Interview with Jahbril Cook and Kat Conner Sterling

Interview with Bailee Madison and Kevin Quinn


A Week Away is the first faith-based musical of its kind. Troubled teen Will Hawkins (Kevin Quinn) has a choice to make – go to juvenile detention or attend a Christian summer camp. While at camp, and with the help of his music, new friends and love interest (Bailee Madison), he learns the healing powers of kindness, forgiveness, and faith can be found in the most unlikely of places.


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