Finding ‘Ohana Movie Review: Spoiler-Free

Finding Ohana Movie Review

Time to find some treasure!

Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt movie? Especially, if you grew up watching all of the great 80’s treasure hunt movies such as The Goonies or the original Indiana Jones movies like I did. I still yell at people “It belongs in a museum!” or “Hey you guys!” Haha! It’s basically in my blood. So, when I saw the trailer for Finding ‘Ohana it reminded me of my childhood and I could not wait to see it. I got a chance to screen the movie as well as interview some of the cast, the screenwriter, and the director. You can read/watch my interviews HERE. Ever since I have been waiting for the movie to come out so I could share my review. Well, Finding ‘Ohana is finally out NOW on Netflix. So, now I can share my Finding ‘Ohana Movie Review with you! (Spoiler-Free of course.)

Finding Ohana Spoiler Free Movie Review

My Finding ‘Ohana Movie Review

Whew. I have been holding this review in for a while. Haha! Overall I enjoyed Finding ‘Ohana. As someone who grew up watching The Goonies and Indiana Jones movies, I loved all of the pop culture movie references found in Finding ‘Ohana. (I challenge you to see how many you can find. Haha!) I mean Data himself, Ke Huy Quan, from The Goonies is one of the stars in Finding ‘Ohana. (Also Shorty from Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom.) I think the idea of doing a geocaching hunt instead of a regular old treasure hunt was a good call for Finding ‘Ohana and fit with the theme of the movie. (Geocaching is all about respect, and leaving things the way you found them.)

What I love the most about the movie though is basically what it is all about, family. (The real treasure.) Finding ‘Ohana is such a fitting name for the movie. For Pili and Ioane (E), the story is more than just reuniting with their grandfather. It’s about finding their family again. That includes learning how to treat people nicely, making new friends, reconnecting and learning more about their Hawaiian heritage/culture, and healing together with their family.

The Cast

Finding ‘Ohana has an amazing cast. You have veteran actors in Kelly Hu (Leilani), Branscombe Richmond (Kimo), Ke Huy Quan (George), Marc Evan Jackson (Robinson), and Chris Parnell (Brown); but it is the new actors who steal the show. Alex Aiono (Ioane), Lindsay Watson (Hana), Kea Peahu (Pili), and the most veteran out of the new actors Owen Vaccaro (Casper) are all amazing. The chemistry between them is hilarious and I cannot wait to see all of the future projects they have planned. Actually, I kinda hope Screenwriter Christian Strain and Director Jude Weng make a sequel to Finding ‘Ohana. I feel there are so many more stories about these characters to tell.

My Rating/Ok for Kids?

I give Finding ‘Ohana a B rating. It is a heartwarming, funny, and entertaining family movie. Is it ok for kids to watch? Yes and no. The movie is rated PG. There is a part of the movie, towards the end, which younger kids may find a little scary. Also, there is a little bit of teenagery potty mouth language in the movie. (Things I would definitely not let my children say.) My oldest enjoyed parts of the movie, but mostly it did not hold her attention the whole way through. I would recommend the movie for 7 years old and up.

If you watch Finding ‘Ohana I would love to know your thoughts!

Movie Synopsis

A summer in rural O‘ahu takes an exciting turn for two Brooklyn-raised siblings when a journal pointing to long-lost treasure sets them on an epic adventure with new friends, and leads them to reconnect with their Hawaiian heritage.


Finding ‘Ohana Movie Review: Spoiler-Free

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