Moominvalley The Hobgoblin Trilogy NYICFF Review

Have you heard of Moominvalley?

You might have read the books, but Moominvalley is a wonderous valley full of magical things and creatures, and the Moomin family. Bringing Tove Jansson’s fantastic books and characters to the big screen it was a joy to watch Moominvalley: The Hobgoblin Trilogy with my kid’s during NYICFF. While the New York International Children’s Festival might be coming to a close my coverage continues. So, here is my Moominvalley: The Hobgoblin Trilogy – NYICFF Review

My Review

Moominvalley is a gem of a show that I am surprised my family hadn’t discovered before. (Turns out it is a big TV series overseas.) It has beautiful animation that is perfect for a kid’s show, and an amazing cast. It was fun to be able to watch it with my kids because the Hobgoblin Trilogy’s story reminded me of The Lord of The Rings. My 5-year-old connected with the main character Moomin and understood his desire to not be looked at as just a kid by his parents. Haha! The show also showed great examples of how not to judge others just by their looks, as well as how to show kindness and empathy towards others.

The Cast

When we decided to screen Moominvalley: The Hobgoblin Trilogy I had no idea how many famous actors voiced the characters. You have Taron Egerton as Moomintroll, Rosamund Pike as Moominmamma, Matt Berry as Moominpappa, Warwick Davis as Sniff, and I could go on and on. All of these actors are amazing and it was a joy to hear them voice their characters.

My Rating

My girls loved the Moominvalley: The Hobgoblin Trilogy. It is a show they could watch for hours. The trilogy did have some scary parts for my 3-year-old, but she got over them quickly. While it was not my favorite short film compilation at NYICFF, that one goes to The Magic Light Celebration, Moominvalley: The Hobgoblin Trilogy is still a fantastic show for ages 5+, and worth checking out if you can.


Moominmania is back at NYICFF with another exclusive installment of Tove Jansson’s beloved characters come to life. The Moomin Hobgoblin Trilogy brings thrills and delight right from the start as Moomintroll finds a magical hat with some surprising properties. Next, Moominmamma turns her attention to the sweet and secretive tiny visitors Thingumy & Bob, and finally a mysterious precious gem sends the town into a tizzy.


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